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Interview wih Giovanni Mitti

See interview to our GM!!

Interview with Giovanni Mitti CEO at Mitti Gru srl – Tower Cranes & Self-Erecting Cranes Specialist, Milan, Italy MARCH 21, 2014

C.: What was your teenage dream?
G.M.: To be honest, like every young teenager my dream was anything, but working with crane, I was already fed up with it! That’s why I studied aeronautics and start getting a flight licence for pilot. But then I soon realized cranes were my passion. It probably was in my blood.

Cranesy: What were your first steps in the crane sector?
Giovanni Mitti: Even if my studies have been concentrated on aeronautics, I grew up in a family where cranes was our bread and butter, being my father in this business, mostly on the crane service/rental sector. I used to hear speaking of cranes everyday and everywhere: my uncle was in same business too, my cousins and my brother also: we all use to cooperate with Cattaneo manufacturer since early 70’s. I’ve been spending my summer school holidays working as hotel entertainer around the world, mostly in Greece, and learned languages and way to approach clients from different cultures. Next step was simply put these experiences together and work in the international crane sector. And last, but not least, I come from an area in north Italy where all major European crane manufacturers are based and lots of companies around are working as supplier of such manufacturers. As consequence, also lots of close friend of mine are working in the crane industry.

C.: Who/what inspired or inspires you?
G.M.: No doubt it is my father: he cultivate my passion. The passion of doing something only in proper way, with love, accuracy, honesty. And of course not only on working life, but in the everyday life.

C.: What recommendation you can give to young person who plan to start a career in crane sector?
G.M.: I don’t really feel I can give suggestion on this matter, I always believe to follow the heart and do what we love most. Obviously due to financial situation, at the moment whoever finish the studies has to find the right compromise between preferred job and available job opportunities. It’s difficult to find the perfect job at first shoot, but every job give a personal know-how and interpersonal skills useful in the future. Financial crises will finish and a new era will start, business-wise. And then the quality and personal skills will make the difference.

C.: Today, there are more and more women being interested in the environment and learning about crane business. What do you think about women who work in crane sector commonly called men sector until today?
G.M.: I don’t see it as a problem, I’m dealing already with many women and I consider it a good thing, it means crane sector offers good opportunities and starts getting intriguing to women too. And I believe anybody can say this: crane sector is like a drug, whoever gets into this business hardly move to other jobs.

C.: What’re your strong points?
G.M.: Expertise, professionalism, and for sure interpersonal skills due to my knowledge of languages and experience during summer time, while studying, as hotel entertainer. I believe my know-how and deep knowledge of crane sector allow me to be estimated and be respected in my business.

C.: In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes today’s entrepreneurs make?
G.M.: I list the following:
1. Superficiality.
2. Lack of professionalism.
3. Create a business step by step, not everything immediately.
4. Do not bother only at price: low price is not always better. Quality pays always.
Young entrepreneur should gather experience, experience, and again experience.

C.: Speaking about you Giovanni, you have a several years of work experience, but what is the worst idea you’ve ever had?
G.M.: For sure I took wrong working decision, it is part of the personal grows of each single person. Without it we cannot learn: it is from mistakes that we grow, the important is not to repeat them again. Of course I have to say I had a good “tutor” and such mistakes where reduce at the minimum possible. I always tried to be surrounded by honest and reliable person who worth to be suggested from.

C.: Favorite quote/motto?
G.M.: The early bird catches the worm. I always believed in this.

C.: A model of crane which you love more?
G.M.: Personally, I’m in love with self-erecting cranes being familiar with it, more that with other kind of cranes. I like to understand and study the systems of leverage which are the base of such cranes. And if I have to mention a specific crane I’m in love with, I would say the one which we’ll introduce by the end of the year together with our partner in USA Mike Harrison of Harrison Crane Service. Something that for sure will be of help to small construction and rental companies.


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